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How can I submit a complaint?

We're sorry to hear you have a complaint; please let us know more through the steps below so we can make it right.

Complaints Procedure

Growth Tribe is committed to delivering the best possible training to our participants. During the training, participants are encouraged to give feedback to gauge their ongoing satisfaction and progress. This is always an appropriate outlet to share any questions or complaints. If you have a complaint that you feel needs even more attention, please follow the procedure outlined below.

  1. Submit a detailed summary of your complaint by email to our operations team via operations@growthtribe.nl. We'll send you a confirmation of receipt within 3 working days and will then reach out to discuss the complaint in more detail and work towards a possible resolution. Complaints regarding training should be received within 4 weeks after the
    finalisation of the course. All complaints must be in writing.
  2. Growth Tribe will then investigate the complaint in full and will send you an email with the outcome and solution within 4 weeks from the date of the complaint. Should this process take longer than 4 weeks, Growth Tribe will keep you informed through weekly status updates.
  3. In the case a participant does not agree with the outcome of our decision, the participant can appeal against the outcome. The appeal will be handled by an independent party: Ivanka van Netten at AN-i (vannetten@an-i.nl). This procedure is explained in detail on the website www.beroepsregeling.nl.
  4. The judgment of AN-i will be binding to the parties, and Growth Tribe will take any necessary action within 4 weeks of the decision.
  5. Records of complaints will be placed on file for 2 years.
  6. Any complaints received are handled with strict confidentiality.