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I'm having audio/video issues. What should I do?

  1. If you don’t hear audio, check if the volume slider at the bottom right is turned up.
  2. If the video plays, but you still can’t hear the audio, check your system preferences to make sure you’ve selected the right output speaker or headphone.
  3. If they video doesn’t load, try opening the video in an incognito window.
  4. If you’re encountering the issue while watching the video on your company’s network, try watching the video on a non-company network or email account instead. If you’re able to watch the video without any issue, please report the issue to your company’s IT team.
  5. Try a different browser. If you’re not already using Google Chrome, we recommend using it, as we’ve found it works best to watch Growth Tribe courses
  6. Clear your browser's cookies and cache and restart it before trying again.
  7. Is the video not loading or playing slowly? We recommend minimum internet speed of 5 Mbps to watch videos on your device. Test your internet connection speed to make sure your environment meets this and that your system meets our requirements.