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What are access and use policies for your Online Learning Environment (OLE)?

  1. We provide our customers with login credentials for our Online Learning Environment (the “OLE”). You are responsible for all your account activity.
  2. Access to the online learning environment is strictly personal; you may not share your log-in details. If any suspicious activity is found in your account, we have the right to deny you further access and delete your account without liability.
  3. You may share content within your organisation, subject to our fair use policy. You may not use our content to offer services that overlap with Growth Tribe's services, such as growth marketing, A.I. training, workshops, or consultancy, whether during or after the course.
  4. We don’t train companies who offer services that overlap with our services. We have the right to deny or remove you from the course and/or the OLE if you offer services that overlap with ours.